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Une Vie de Setter

Souvenirs illustrés de petits moments, balades, lectures, expositions....qui font le sel de la vie !

Un livre inspirant....pour toute la famille !

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A dog's life de Peter Mayle m'a largement inspirée, quand il a fallu trouver un titre pour ce blog. Mais je ne suis pas la seule apparemment.


Ckéva a certainement tiré profit de ses longs séjours sur le canapé de la bibliothèque pour "intégrer" les conseils que "Boy" prodigue à ses congénères dans ce roman... je pense en particulier à cet extrait.....



"one lesson I've learned in life is that everything is negotiable. No crime, however foul, is beyond redemption. You can steal the Sunday lunch, shred books, bite off the heads of live chickens and pretty much despoil to your heart's content as long as your conciliation technique is sound.......



Roll over on the back, after the fashion of the cocker spaniel, and wave the legs helplessly. This serves to indicate remorse and to foil the first instinct of the angry human, which is to administer painful blows to the hindquarters....



The tone of voice will tell you when the heat of the moment has subsided and it's safe to approach the judge and jury. This should be done with the modified shimmy -head down in shame, with the rest of the body wriggling in a frenzy of apology. Soft, contrite sounds ara appropriate here is you have the knack of making them. Avoid barking or any baring of the teeth.



Sit. Raise the right paw and place on the nearest available knee. For some reason, most people consider this endearing....



Remove the paw and rest the full weight of the head on the chosen knee. In most cases, this will provoke an involuntary pat...



Establish the whereabouts of a hand. After making sure that it isn't holding a glass..., butt it with a firm upward motion of the head....



By now, all should be forgiven, but it's important to be seen not to celebrate too quickly. I always take the time for a few tender minutes of affectionate leaning -against a leg or an arm, whichever is most convenient.....



......I sit with cracker clenched between the teeth, looking as forlorn as possible, and squeak at irregular intervals. And, what do you know, it always works. Always. Heaven knows why, but within seconds the storm clouds disappear and I am restored to grace....."


Cette photo illustre parfaitement l'utilisation du conseil n°1 par Ckéva.....

P1080461 pour désarmer un conflit......

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Souvenirs illustrés de petits moments, balades, lectures, expositions.....
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