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Souvenirs illustrés de petits moments, musiques, lectures, expositions, balades....qui font le sel de la vie !

The Picnic - Edwin Morgan

Un petit collage pour rêver de l'été...avec un tableau de Childe Hassam

At Sunset - Childe-Hassam

At Sunset - Childe-Hassam

The Picnic
Edwin Morgan

In a little rainy mist of white and grey
we sat under an old tree,
drank tea toasts to the powdery mountain,
undrunk got merry, played catch
with the empty flask, on the pine needles
came down to where it rolled stealthily away –
you lay
with one arm in the rain, laughing
shaking only your wet hair
loose against the grass, in that enchanted place
of tea, with curtains of a summer rain
dropped round is, for a rainy day.

Edwin Morgan
from Collected Poems (Carcanet, 1990)



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Souvenirs illustrés de petits moments, balades, lectures, expositions.....
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